Uber Scoot

Uber Scoot is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric scooters, providing satisfied customers with innovative electric scooters for close to 20 years. Dedicated to optimum riding experiences, Uber Scoot utilises the latest technology, designs and manufacturing technology to ensure expectations are continually surpassed. With state-of-the-art development and production, the fourth generation Uber Scoot once again proves why the company are at the forefront of worldwide electric scooter providers. The new collection of Uber Scoot electric scooters is the most diverse and beneficial line to date, suitable for sport, recreation, commercial applications and of course short distance commuting for all age groups. While Uber Scoot continues to make impressive advancements in personal transport vehicle design and function, the company remains true to its mission: to manufacture convenient, durable and cost-effective electric scooters that are fun to use.