RPM Power

RPM Power has been providing high-quality strengthening & rehabilitation products to customers worldwide for over 22 years.

Launching in 1998 as ‘Powerball’, The Company focused exclusively on its globally renowned gyroscopic wrist exercises until 2012, when it created ‘Powerspin’ – a best-selling isometric exercise device designed for complete upper-body strengthening.

As the global home fitness market grew, so too did the RPM Power range; Always with a focus on quality, over the past 5 years the company has created an exciting collection of full body exercise products including its own innovative range of fitness products.

As that product range continues to grow monthly, the company remains a tightly run family business with just 18 employees. Based in the small town of Thurles, Co. Tipperary, in the heart of Ireland, we’re fiercely proud of our Irishness and strive to ensure that his translates across all aspects of our operation; from the personable responses of our customer service team right through to the simple, friendly shopping experience you’ll encounter when placing your valued business with us.

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